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5 principles

what is Passive House?

  • Passive House is an international building performance standard - the highest standard for low energy, high performance buildings worldwide (over and above Irish Building Regulations)
  • Passive House buildings are so well insulated that hardly any heating is needed to keep temperatures comfortable - most of the heating is provided by the sun, the occupants and household appliances
  • Passive House buildings always provide a healthy and comfortable indoor environment - they have to meet specific criteria for heat loss, air leakage, internal environment conditions and energy consumption to ensure this
  • Passive House design is based on five key design principles, together with strict quality control during construction
  • Passive House buildings use scientific modelling at the design stage which has been proven to accurately predict the performance of the building in use

There are so many benefits of building to the Passive House standard - you will certainly never regret it!

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