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Walled garden holiday homes

New development of contemporary holiday houses, built within an existing orchard and walled garden of an historic country estate. Natural untreated timber, stonework and slate were used to harmonise with the existing historic outbuildings and structures.

As part of the overall Masterplan for the development of Farnham Estate in Co. Cavan, a number of pockets were identified from within the 1300 acre Estate where housing could be developed in a sensitive manner with minimal impact to the historic landscape and also integrate with elements of the hotel, spa and golf course which were being developed on the Estate. The housing was split into three phases; the Walled Garden, the Orchard, and the Golf Course houses.

The Walled Garden houses, built within the boundaries of the Estate’s original walled garden, took their inspiration from the character of the adjacent existing stableyards and outhouses; the houses were arranged in linear blocks around a central, hard landscaped courtyard space, and were designed to look inward to this space.

The Orchard houses were set amongst the established orchard landscape. Their external appearance reflects the simple character and form of the vernacular farm buildings. Behind these solid exteriors their L-shaped plans wrap around and enclose courtyard gardens and the houses focus inwards towards these.

Natural stone, render, untreated cedar boarding and slate are used to link these contemporary buildings into their rural context.

This project was designed by Peter Nickels whilst Associate Director at Gilroy McMahon Architects.